To maintain men’s sexual health.*

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Designed to balance yin and yang energy in the Kidneys, this formula was used by aristocrats of the Ming Dynasty to support normal sexual energy, maintaining Kidney health and blood flow in order to enhance desire.*


Take 3 capsules twice daily or as recommended by a healthcare advisor. This formula can be taken to support healthy libido and sexual function, and maintain energy levels.*


Do not exceed recommended daily intake. Discontinue use if any adverse reaction occurs. Herbal supplements must not be substituted for a varied diet and healthy lifestyle. Before taking this product, please consult your healthcare provider, especially if you take any medication, are pregnant, or are breastfeeding. Store in a cool, dry place away from children.

Product Formula

You gui wan is a variation on the Jin gui shen qi wan formula, developed by China’s most famous herbalist, Zhang Zhong Jing during the Han dynasty. You Gui Wan was first recorded in the Jing-Yue Quan Shu, a Ming dynasty text written in 1624 CE by Zhang Jing-Yue. It is a classical formula which can be used to maintain a healthy Kidney and enrich the blood.*


Rehmannia glutinosa root (Shu di huang), Cistanche deserticola stem (Rou cong rong), Morinda officinalis root (Ba ji tian), Cornus officinalis root (Shan zhu yu), Dioscorea opposita root (Shan yao), Lycium barbarum fruit (Gou qi zi), Cuscuta chinensis seed (Tu su zi), Eucommia ulmoides bark (Du zhong), Angelica sinensis root (Dang gui), Cinnamomum cassia bark (Rou gui). Pullulan gum, gellan gum (vegetable capsule shell), maltodextrine.

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Rehmannia glutinosa root – Shu di huang (+)

Shu di huang is made from the root of the Rehmannia glutinosa plant, which is largely grown in the Chinese provinces of Henan and Zhejiang. The root is mixed with millet wine and then steamed, in order to form an ingredient which is claimed to support the Kidney and maintain the immune system.*

Dioscorea opposita root – Shan yao (+)

Shan yao is derived from the rhizome of the Chinese yam plant, which is largely grown in the Chinese province of Henan. It contains a number of active ingredients, including saponins, essential amino acids and flavonoids. In ancient Chinese remedies it is usually used to support the Spleen, Lung and Kidney.*

Cornus officinalis root – Shan zhu yu (+)

The sour Cornelian cherry has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Picked in late autumn, they are baked over a slow fire and then dried in the sun. Cornelian cherries are typically used in yin formulas to help maintain the Kidney and a healthy reproductive system.*

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