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Complimentary priority delivery for all orders over £250.*
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Aman Fine Fragrance

A global pioneer in the creation of peaceful sanctuaries offering transformative experiences, Aman has always revelled in the beauty and healing embrace of its breath-taking locations and the stimulation of its cultural settings.

Influenced by these surroundings – from desert to jungle, island to city – Aman launches Fine Fragrance; a range of seven sophisticated and gender-neutral scents, carefully crafted to evoke emotion through one of the most powerful senses.

Following Aman’s philosophy, this range is free of phthalates, artificial colourants, parabens and formaldehydes, with no animal testing used during development.

“I love the smell of jasmine fields; it reminds me of my teenage years when I would handpick jasmine to earn pocket money.”

Introducing seven unique fragrances

With aroma profiles that capture the distinct character of Aman’s iconic sanctuaries.

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Designed in harmony

To honour and strengthen its power to evoke memory, each fragrance visually reflects its associated Aman destination through the use of colour. Its own specially selected tone is inspired by the resort environment, surrounding nature and local hues.

Bottles and packaging

The colour tones of Aman Fine Fragrance bottles are connected to the natural environment, to radiate warmth and convey a sense of the profile of each scent.

The iconic silhouette complements the Aman Skincare family of bottles and jars, and honours their origin as designs of renowned Japanese architect, academic and author, Kengo Kuma, who shares Aman’s approach to nature and design – respecting surroundings instead of dominating them. The bottles are made from a combination of glass, ABS, PETG, and HPP plastics, all of which are recyclable. The material for the lids is Zamac (weighted metal alloy).

The boxes are hand-finished in Japan using Paulownia wood and each fragrance has its own uniquely patterned laser-cut lid. The outer packaging takes inspiration from the traditional design principles of Japanese wrapping. Using an exquisitely textured Takeo paper made in Japan, each Paulownia box is carefully wrapped by hand before the label is added as a finishing touch.

Discover Haru

Inspired by Aman Tokyo

Forever in bloom. A fresh and youthful fragrance, inspired by the softened breeze and blossom of Tokyo in sakura season. Contemporary and balanced, Haru is guided by the Japanese word for ‘Spring’. Reflecting a sense of harmony and tradition, the scent echoes sentiments of Aman Tokyo, Amanemu and Aman Kyoto.

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Discover Umbr, inspired by Aman’s 16th-century Venetian Palazzo

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Alta: moved by mountains, guided by the spectacle of the skyline

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