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Our most loved formulations

Each product in Aman’s skincare line is made from powerful natural ingredients that penetrate deep into the skin to nourish and rejuvenate. Together, they work holistically on a deeper level, to meet emotional need states and enhance overall wellbeing. The rare and precious ingredients used in our skincare products include actives such as argan stem cells, Kalpariane™ seaweed extract, and hyaluronic acid, and essential oils ranging from sandalwood, amber, rose and palo santo, to juniper, jasmine and tuberose. 


Other key ingredients are botanicals such as maca, arnica, honey and beeswax, minerals including amethyst and jade, and precious metal and natural composite powders of homeopathic silver, gold, copper and pearl. Evening primrose, moringa, calendula, seabuckthorn and rose hip oils contribute their healing power, along with rainforest muds, and wild-harvested butters such as babassu, cupuacu, shea and murumuru. 

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Discover Fine Fragrances

A range of evocative scents each inspired by one of our unique destinations. Our luxury eau de parfums are created to echo their distinct characteristics.


Warmth and light

The Aman Spa Candle range follows the Grounding, Purifying and Nourishing pathways, inspired by Aman Spas across the globe.


The gift of Aman

Unwind and create a spa in the comfort of your home with our luxury spa gifts sets, combining a selection of our finest and most loved products.