A world of one's own

Sva supplements: Chinese Herbal Formulas

In Sanskrit, the word Sva refers to a world of one’s own. A positive idea of the self, which exists inside of us. We believe that by listening closely to the needs of our body and mind, we can achieve wellness from within. Through self-awareness and understanding, we can live a better, more balanced life. Our formulas can be taken as reactive or proactive supplements, to help maintain health.* Approaching the body as a holistic system with powerful natural capabilities. Which requires a level of care in order to flourish. 


The range is inspired by teachings from ancient, Chinese remedies with a fusion of Eastern and Western herbalist techniques protected and maintained into the present, turning to the wisdom of the Earth’s apothecary to produce simple gluten-free and vegan formulas, free from additives and preservatives. 

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Warmth and light

The Aman Spa Candle range follows the Grounding, Purifying and Nourishing pathways, inspired by Aman Spas across the globe, instilling a sense of serenity.


The gift of Aman

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