Caring for people and planet

For over three decades, Aman’s sanctuaries have sensitively integrated into their surroundings, allowing guests to become fully immersed in local culture with the utmost respect for the environment. Born from Aman’s otherworldly destinations, Aman’s lifestyle brands follow the very same ethos with caring for people and planet at their heart.  

From nature with love

Just as Aman’s hotels and resorts across the globe are working to support their communities, so too is Aman Essentials. From seeking new ways to work with local artisans to working with recyclable materials, Aman’s lifestyle brands are led by Mother Nature with the intention to consciously craft and reduce the environmental impact of every product.


Aman Skincare formulas are vegan and cruelty free, avoiding the use of any animal products and ingredients that are derived from animals, and never using animals for testing. 

Considered and conscious 

Aman Skincare and Fine Fragrances are housed in recyclable, bespoke glass vessels designed by visionary Japanese architect Kengo Kuma. Without compromising on quality, packaging bags, sleeves and cartons are produced using Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper-based substrates produced in England’s Lake District.


The paper is entirely recyclable and highly sustainable due to the FSC chain of custody to protect the forests that the pulp is harvested from.

Artisans across the globe

Just as local craftsmanship is celebrated by our properties across the globe, The Essentials by Aman, the brand’s retail collection, follows suit. As a minimum requirement, every supplier is required to sign an Aman Code of Conduct which sets out clear standards in relation to environmental consideration and working conditions. All suppliers must also have relevant sustainable practice certificates from independent bodies such as Oeko-Tex and Global Organic Textile Standards.


Further demonstrating an investment in the local economy and environment, cashmere for knitwear has been sourced from Mongolia, where nomadic herdsmen maintain traditions stretching back centuries, resulting in the highest-quality fabric, while other materials such as Italian cotton and silk are sourced in the region of garment production. In turn, this practice lessens the need for transportation, reducing carbon emissions. 


Similarly, swimwear and activewear is made from sensitive fabric created by EUROJERSEY. Aside from its numerous benefits to the wearer - including chlorine resistance, sweat wicking and breathability - the fabric is produced through the company’s SensitivEcoSystem® programme, which focuses on employee wellbeing, and special procedures to reduce water, energy and chemical consumption. 

A brighter future

Setting intentions for the future, Aman is committed to finding new ways in which to care for its environments. Efforts to source ingredients and materials locally and ethically continue, while at Aman resort boutiques across the globe, the championing of local artisans is a primary focus, with work to showcase talented young artists. 


As the consciousness of each lifestyle brand is advanced further, Aman endeavors to be transparent, updating its customers on developments and progress.