Purifying Discovery Set

A powerful product combination to deeply cleanse and re-balance the mind, body and soul. Included: Purifying Candle, Purifying Quartz Scrub & Soak, Purifying Cleanse Bath Salts, Purifying Body Oil.


Capturing the essence of the Purifying pathway, this limited-edition gift set introduces three of our most-loved body products to deeply cleanse, hydrate and ease stress this festive season. Used in combination with the Purifying Candle as a luxurious evening ritual, the gift set offers the spa experience in the comfort of home, with skin left cleansed and exfoliated, and the mind eased of anxiety. 

Normal to oily skin. For those seeking a more balanced state, this set delivers a deep cleanse, and re-energised sense of self.  

Purifying formulas: cleansing, strengthening and replenishing

The Purifying formulation detoxifies, cleanses and strengthens the skin’s defences while enhancing clarity of thought. Refreshing, invigorating and energising, products in this formulation deeply cleanse and tone normal to oily complexions, including congested, dull, stressed and blemished skin.

Included in this set

Purifying Body Oil, Purifying Quartz Scrub & Soak and Purifying Candle, Purifying Auric Cleanse Bath Salts.