The Aman Cabana

In celebration of Aman’s 35th anniversary this year, Aman Essentials presents the Aman Cabana, an immersive pop-up boutique set to traverse the Aman globe.
Exclusive collaborations and global artistry. A retail experience like-no-other. Discover the story of the Aman Cabana.

A cabinet of curiosities

Springing up in locations across the Aman globe, this December, the Aman Cabana’s adventure begins on Amanpuri’s white-sand shores in celebration of 35 years of Aman. Inside, unique collaborations take shape in the form of fine leather accessories and exceptionally crafted beachwear designed to make timeless additions to any wardrobe.Top of FormTop of Form

All in the detail

Echoing the world of Aman in each design, shades of white sand, Aman Grey, sunrise, earth, grass green, warm ochre and rust form the base of the Cabana’s collections, while the Aman logo appears, subtly, on every piece, softly hand-debossed, foil-embossed or personalised with the ‘A’ logo.


The alchemy of Aman at home

In the spirit of Aman, every purchase from the Aman Cabana is a memento of precious time spent. Shop hooded towels and baseball caps for all the family, exclusive only to Amanpuri, alongside a limited-edition monogrammed luggage set fashioned by world-renowned luggage brand Globe-Trotter.


On Amanpuri's shores

Resting on Amanpuri’s shores, the Aman Cabana will make its debut this December. Inspired by the pavilions of Camp Sarika at Amangiri, guests will be able to purchase limited edition pieces found only in the Aman Cabana before it takes flight elsewhere across the globe.

Available exclusively at Amanpuri are two limited edition luggage pieces in collaboration with Globe-Trotter. Each case is unique and comes with its own serial number, which can be found on a metal plaque inside and used to track travels around the world.

Discover Amanpuri

For over three decades, Aman’s sanctuaries have effortlessly integrated into their surroundings, giving guests the unmatched opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the environments in which they call home.

Amanpuri, the first Aman ‘Place of Peace’ set on the shores of the Andaman Sea, was born out of its otherworldly locale. Set under the privacy of lush cerulean landscapes, revel in the resort’s mastery under the sun’s warm glow; savour delicious local delicacies; and find inner peace at the unmatched Aman spa before the Aman Cabana appears on the shores of the Beach Club, as if by magic.