Aman x 111SKIN

Aman x 111SKIN

Ground-breaking radiance

Benefitting from revolutionary anti-ageing complex NAC Y² – developed by Dr. Yannis Alexandrides – as well as potent marine-derived formulations from Aman Essentials, face and eye masks yield instant and dramatic results. All skin types are deeply nourished, brightened and transformed.

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Summer radiance

The most exclusive collaboration in the world of skincare, Aman x 111SKIN is a merger of clinically led science and the ocean’s precious active ingredients, yielding instant and dramatic results. Unlock profound glow with revolutionary face and eye masks containing NAC Y² , a ground-breaking anti-ageing complex developed by Dr. Yannis Alexandrides, as well as potent marine-derive ingredients from Aman Essentials.

Suitable for all skin types, the range delivers deep nourishment and remarkable glow to every complexion.

Aman x 111Skin within Sacai in Paris

With its transformative and radiance-boosting properties, the Aman x 111SKIN Nourishing Gold Algae Face Mask was selected for use in Sacai’s recent Paris runway show. Backstage preparations, led by renowned makeup artist Diane Kendal, brought a foundational glow to every model’s skin.

Exclusive formulas

Skincare led by science, supported by nature. Utilising powerful signature formulations and extraordinary marine ingredients, Aman Essentials x 111SKIN goes further to unveil facial radiance. Developed by Dr.

Yannis Alexandrides of Harley Street, NAC Y² is a compound of amino acids derived from L-Cysteine that boosts skin antioxidants and provides cellular immunity, diminishing the effects of environmental stressors on your skin.

Nourishing, naturally derived ingredients from Aman Essentials provide further support for a luminous complexion. Kalpariane, a powerful marine extract protects from UV damage, activates collagen and reinforces the skin’s hydro-lipidic barrier through essential Omega 3.

Potent spirulina calms the complexion. Aman x 111SKIN is a new beginning for skin, imparting immediate results.

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